Dear Shellman Bluff Community,

We are thrilled to share the incredible progress made in improving emergency response capabilities in our area. What was once a challenging and arduous task has become a seamless operation, thanks to the volunteer fire station’s recent creation of our local landing pad and pathway in Shellman Bluff.

Before these improvements, navigating an open dirt field proved a significant obstacle for our emergency responders. The difficulty of transporting stretchers across uneven terrain to reach waiting helicopters posed a severe challenge.
Recognizing the urgency of the situation, FOSB took action.
First, the site was upgraded to a pathway leading to the open field with gravel. While it improved the dirt and grass pathway, it still needed to provide optimal conditions for efficient transportation. Determined to find a lasting solution, we contacted our community partners for support.

Thanks to the Friends of Shellman Bluff (FOSB) generous contributions, an upgrade was made to the paved pathway and landing pad. The impact was immediate and transformative. Today, we are proud to share a picture of a helicopter patiently waiting as an ambulance brings them a patient. FOSB’s commitment has truly made a difference in saving lives within our community. #friendsofshellmanbluff #shellmanbluff