We have 

LFishing T/3FOSB StPatricks Day Parade T-Shirt 2020


Prices are as follows:  IN GREEN OR WHITE

Short Sleeve T S-XL 15.00   Long Sleeve T S-XL $20.00           
Short Sleeve T 2/3XL 20.00 Long Sleeve T 2/3XL $25.00

Performance Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve S-XL $30.00     
Performance Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve 2/3XL $35.00
We have few 4XLalso.




2020 St. Patrick's Day Parade Shirts Are Here!

Reserver Yours Today on the Form Below.

ON SALE NOW at the following locations.

Ace Hardware, Eulonia and also Liza’s and Shellman Fish Camp Marina in Shellman Bluff

s TSah !!! ANy shirts not Pick 



Our 2020 St. Patrick’s Day Shirts are now on sale at Ace Hardware, Eulonia and also Liza’s and Shellman Fish Camp Marina in Shellman Bluff.

Locations and times for pick are Friday March 20th 12-6 PM  and on Saturday March 21st 9 AM – 3 PM at the Shellman Bluff Volunteers Fire station. NOTE Sales ending time are subject to change!

Make note any shirts not picked up by 2:00PM Saturday March 21st will be SOLD!



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